Jialin Ke

Senior Experience Designer
at EY Design Studio

Jialin is a designer and strategist fascinated by human behavior. She crafts emotionally compelling experiences and facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration. 

She currently works with clients in healthcare and financial services to identify business opportunities, prioritize product features, envision and design user experience. Read more

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Jialin (佳林) graduated from Cornell University with a BS. in Human-Centered Design and Information Science. She was a researcher at the Meta Design & Technology Lab where she studied positive emotion design and co-authored a paper on designing for awe. 

Prior to UX, Jialin worked in architecture and loved shaping behavior through space. She was a workplace strategy intern at HLW and a project management intern at NYU Langone.

Jialin is a New York local. In her free time she can be found playing piano, going on a long run, or working on her hardware startup, Soulo.