Jialin Ke

Senior Experience Designer
at EY Design Studio

Jialin is a designer and strategist fascinated by human behavior. She crafts emotionally compelling experiences and facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration. 

She currently works with clients in healthcare and financial services to identify business opportunities, prioritize product features, envision and design user experience. Read more

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Health Testing Service Design
The future of pharmacy expands to clinical services. I created a service blueprint for acute and chronic condition testing for a major pharmacy chain. 
Financial Advisor Securities Trading
Redesigned and shipped a financial advisor trading platform to increase efficiency and reduce errors.
Customer discovery and user research to inform product feature prioritization and hardware product design
Design and prototyping student account platforms for an end to-end student experience
Fresh Finds
Spotify feature that reimagines the music discovery experience
App and service design that connects Cornell students with local food vendors in Ithaca

Forms of Belonging
Creative Direction and publication design for Medium Design Collective